One Week After Brexit, Markets Are Normalizing and Any Threat to The US Housing Market Seems to Have Faded

For anyone who was panicking that the stock market would crash and the US recovery — especially the housing market — would sink as well, it looks like things will be okay. While we know that there is a long way to go in the process and how the rest of the world will be effected, we are happy that early reports are contradictory to the “doomsday” reports that happened in the hours that followed the UK leaving the European Union.

In fact, some conservative experts are saying that the fear of global volatility will likely keep the Federal Government from increasing interest rates. This is good news for those still considering borrowing money to buy or build a new home – we recommend Mt. Tabor Builders in Clear Spring, MD for this project — or do a major home remodeling or renovation project. Even just two weeks after the exit, US Stock Markets are hitting new highs.

Here is an article that speaks to the early results of the UK’s decision to go independent. #Brexit

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