Old houses are often dark and have a closed-in feeling. If you have such a house — or can get a deal on one because it isn’t selling — think about a renovation to add more windows.

With real estate market values returning, banks are willing to lend money now to re-invest in a home that should hold the value. The Hagerstown and Tri-state area are filled with houses built during a time that no longer appeal to many in the general home-buying public.However, the idea of taking out a few walls, adding some windows, and a few other touches can make a big difference. Adding new windows that allow for more natural light can often be a giant step in the right direction.

Andersen Casement and Picture Windows with painted interiors

Andersen Casement and Picture Windows with painted interiors.

We found an article that talks about a home renovation that did exactly that.

When the owners of a Portland, Oregon 1970s split-level home approached architect Risa Boyer about a full renovation, their main goal was to open up the home, both internally and to views of their yard. 

The interior transformation hinges on three important changes: opening up the main staircase; creating an open-concept plan for living, dining and cooking; and adding a new master bedroom suite behind the renovated kitchen to give the homeowners the privacy they craved. 

The result is an… Click here to read the entire story.

If you would like to schedule a time to meet with an MTB representative to talk about how a major renovation project can turn an ugly house into a radiant, dream home, contact us here or call us at our Clear Spring, MD office at 301-766-7161.

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