MTB Installers are Specialists in Replacing Roofing, Using High-Quality Roofing Materials

GAF Shingles installed by MTB Windows and More in Clear Spring, MD specializing in replacement windowsOur pros use top quality roofing materials, because they know a new roof is usually a necessity, not a luxury. The professional installers at MTB Windows and More try to alleviate the feeling of being under pressure to protect the home by ensuring a high-quality, long-lasting final product. After all, if you need a new roof, install one that will last through storms and for as long as possible.

The installers use the GAF Shingle System, because it is one of the best on the market. The system includes a high-quality underlayment for added protection between the wood sheathing and shingles. It also is a 6-nail shingle system. This 6-nail pattern allows MTB and GAF to offer a lifetime warranty to withstand winds of up to 130 miles per hour.

No More Ugly Roof Stains

Another great advantage of the GAF Shingle System is that it is fungus-resistant. The black streaks often seen on rooftops around the Hagerstown, MD area will not appear on the GAF Shingles. Not all shingle brands are made to be fungus-resistant. This discoloration, usually algae, can penetrate inferior shingles and cause decay of the product from within. And while algae can still form on tree sap and other natural elements that fall on a roof, GAF manufacturing techniques ensures that it stays on the surface of the shingle. Thus it can be pressured washed away with no damage.

Highest-Quality Roofing Products GAF Shingle System installed by MTB Windows & More of Clear Spring, MD

The GAF Shingles used by MTB come from the relatively-local GAF plant in Myerstown, PA. The significance is not so much about locale, but that this is GAF’s most up-to-date plant. This ensures the highest-quality product made by the company is the one going on your roof. More details about GAF Shingle products can be found on the company’s website. You can get there by clicking

Expert Installation

Clear Spring, MD house with GAF Shingle SystemThe professional roofers at MTB are specifically trained on the proper installation of the GAF Shingle System. MTB makes sure that each employee has the proper education offered by the manufacturer of the products we sell.

What better trainer could there be than those who represent the line of products being sold.

Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to take the time to again say thank you for all that you and your people have done. The workmanship is second to none as well as the expertise of the men that you have working for you, which says a lot about you as well as your company.”  – Bill W. of Boonsboro, MD


Mt. Tabor Builders for Custom Home and Major Addition Projects

If you need help with building a custom home or adding a major addition, visit our parent company’s website at Mt. Tabor Builders, Inc. The professionals at MTB and Mt. Tabor have decades of construction experience in the Tri-state area. That means they understand the best way to build and the needs of local homeowners. Click here to see the Mt. Tabor Portfolio of custom homes and construction projects.

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